30 July, 2010


So I was into a moment of deep intrapersonal reflection.

As usual, these moments usually occur while I'm being spanked. I'm sure you can picture it within your mind...

Our hero (me) is in the very precarious position of having his butt raised high into the Prevailing Westerlies. Meanwhile his loving bride is trashing the living shit out of his aforementioned raised gluteus maximus.

You know for some reason, being in this particular situation always manages to bring incredible brilliance and insight forth from my brain and as might be expected I found myself counting down how many smacks from the wicked nasty 24" paddle were yet to come from wicked instrument of pain that my fine lady had managed to become attracted to. I had not been ordered to count down, however I was keeping an accurate summation none the less.

Mind you, I was very aware of my situation. I had been promised (note I didn't say threatened) that if I didn't stay put we would be starting over with me in a more... vulnerable position.

At this particular time I was naturally biting a large portion of the mattress as I sunk my teeth deeply into that not too tasty piece of furniture in a somewhat futile effort to control my reaction to the hellfire that was painfully playing out upon my ass.

But I digress...

Back to counting...

I'm convinced that it is certainly much easier to count down instead of up.

By example, lets suppose my or your fine lady should say something like... Oh I dunno... "Your getting some good ones and I want you to count them out"

So, being the ever loving husband that we all are we obediently start the ol' "One ma'am, thank you may I have another" thing... and it naturally progresses into the tens or worse hundreds...

Well, in my not so humble opinion, it's certainly much easier to be counting down.

You know, She says something like "You're getting 20 hard ones with the ass ripping paddle." Naturally, being the ever loving husband you say something like "Yes thank you dear, would you like me to go get that fucking paddle for you?" and then you bend over and gleefully take your ordered 20.

But that's just it, when you know what's coming and count down... it's easier to take. When you just count up and don't know where the limit is... Well that can be rather scary and difficult to do without a miscount.

Obviously, in Floirda the election bureau counts up.

See, I told you I had brilliant revelations while ass propped in the prevailing breeze.


  1. Much easier to count down...or not at all.i enjoy the spankings alot more when Master puts my gag in my mouth...that way i don't have to worry about screwing up the count anf having to start over.( that has only happened once and all the begging in the world would not change His mind...owww.)
    i am enjoying your blog very much..check out mine if you like.

  2. I don't make aj count but I do make him say "thank you" and then kiss the hand that delivered the spanking and the butt that strained to make sure he received the education or relaxation he needs.

    I enjoyed reading your article.

  3. The unknown is always better than counting down. Counting down is somewhat easier (depending on intensity) as you know when the spanking will end.