14 July, 2010

How It's Going to End

I was looking at a photo set linked from FM Spanking World of "Women Spanking Men" and it occurred to me that often when like this fellow we find ourselves 'dropping them', we don't always know if we're going to be feeling the after effects for a few hours or a few days.

Indeed, sometimes it could be longer.

Here we can see that this fellow is receiving what is sure to be a memorable cane session by a lovely lady who came to the conclusion that stripes looked so nice on his behind, she decided to try them on his thighs  and lower legs too.

It's pretty obvious that she has some concern for his comfort, his shirt has apparently been removed so that he won't be sweating so much. He certainly does have due cause to sweat and who wouldn't in his situation.

Funny thing, if I understand it correctly according to Webster the word sweat can trace it's ancestry to the
Old English swǣtan. I'm not sure of the pronunciation, but it sounds appropriate in this case.


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