18 June, 2010

The Loveable Cane

About a year and a half ago my lovely lady decided to order a few items from Cane-iac.

She didn’t order the full length ones, I think ours are about 24” or so, one thin with very wicked sting and one thicker with very wicked sting and a little thud. She also bought an OTK-ish five strand rattan thing that hasn’t been used much at all, and now that it has been used I wish she never bought the damn thing.

The first canes I ever experienced I bought from an online vendor of instruments of pain. They were available in different thicknesses so I bought a couple, they were cheap enough and were simply raw rattan. Wanting them to be properly conditioned I soaked them with linseed oil in hopes of making them last longer. Well that was pretty much a complete waste of time, they broke on first use.

Without a doubt the Cane-iac canes have been a very good purchase, hence the title The Loveable Cane, I do like it when we get our moneys worth. It does seem to be obvious that canes do break yet ours have lasted for well over a year and a half. Granted they aren’t used daily and only come out for serious punishments (are there any other kind?). Actually the thin one broke inside the handle and I’ve considered glueing it back on and just haven’t gotten around to it. Why should I make it easier to use?

Of course I’ve thought of ordering their 32” cane and probably will one of these days but cash is tight right now. Of course every time I go to the Cane-iac site they have something new that gets my attention.

Now they have a 24” flexible plastic strap that I have my eye on, very reasonably priced at $15.95 and I would probably be stupid enough to buy their rubber strap too.

Oh my. Why do I keep looking for weapons of ass destruction?


  1. Perhaps I am blessed with resources better than some, but why not consider making your own weapons of ass destruction?

    I love to make a tool that my Lady will use to set my bottom on fire. Its a totally erotic process.

    So far, I have made five implements for her and two others as gifts to others. More to come!


    Ken (SpankedByMyLady)

  2. Thanks Ken,

    I've considered making my own weapons of ass destruction.

    Currently, I don't have a workshop that will permit the privacy that would be needed. Too many not so young-uns roaming around that don't know about the things that we do.

    Privacy, privacy, privacy and the lack there of... is the curse we live with these days. I'm sure it will change some day, but it hasn't happened yet.

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