03 March, 2011

The Spanking to be Feared

One of the many spanking related topics that bounce around in my warped mind on a regular basis, is wondering what it would be like to experience a spanking that would have a long time lasting effect.

To be more clear, I wonder what it would be like to experience a spanking that would create a sincere fear any time in the future I was again threatened with a spanking.

Of course like many guys out there who may be stopping by here for a read, the suggestion of a spanking or downright threat (read promise) of a spanking almost always brings Mr. Happy to full attention. Naturally, he’s waiting for his happy time relaxing against the wonderful smooth thigh of My Fine Lady. As we all know his happy time is usually short lived as My Fine Lady usually doesn’t waste too much time before her spankings become shall we say… Distracting.

But I digress…

In any event I can’t imagine what sort of spanking would be needed to create that “Spanking of a Lifetime” for me. Of course I’ve gotten better at maintaining position for spankings from My Fine Lady, but in all honesty I really don’t have much in the way of a pain tolerance. In fact I don’t know if that fact, would make it easier or harder for her to take me to that point where I would get a spanking that could change my outlook and fear a future spanking instead of crave it.

Still, I crave it. Just like I crave getting the spanking that might finally break down my ‘guy’ walls and actually force tears to flow.

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