16 April, 2011

Tighty-White-ies (part-one)

You readers out there have no reason at all to know how much I hate wearing ‘tightly white-ies’.

Actually for decades I’ve been a ‘go commando guy’.

Basically, it goes back to the time shortly after .I was married to X-wife. You see we wanted babies, and we read that men who wore tightly white-ies were less fertile.

Something about gonads held closer to the body, and body heat killing sperm count and all of that stuff. The result was that almost instantly after X stopping birth control I managed to deliver the needed seed.

So, apparently I’m the sort of guy who can simply look at a woman and get her pregnant. Which, of course isn’t a comforting ability when one is working the singles market, and not comforting when in a relationship with a wonderful woman like My Fine Lady who happens to be in the prime of child bearing years.

Frankly, the concept that my little ding-ding is an incredibly dangerous pregnant weapon is even a concern if she should give me a nice hand-job and then go the bathroom… Well, not that I don’t love being a daddy, and my full grown sons are the best part of my life…But at my advanced age it’s NOT time to hit the reset button if you know what I mean.

But I digress…

For the past two weeks, I’ve been wearing tightie whiteies…


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