11 December, 2010

London Tanners is Back

London Tanners is now back!

According to Ian at London Tanners they will have a US presence starting in January.

From his post on Spanking Classics Forum:

"...begining in January 2011 we will have our customer service office open in the US (Florida)so all North American orders will be shipped from there saving you both waiting time and money."

We have one of Ian's pieces of artwork, appropriately called the Domestic Discipline Strap, I believe it to be the one to the left of the long one in the center of the photo.

I might add it works quite well... too well.


  1. This is great news and thanks for letting us know. London Tanners has been an inspiration for some of the leather 'tools' I have made for Cora. In fact, one of her straps was closely designed to replicate the Domestic Discipline Strap. It is proudly displayed on 'Cora's Rack' and it gets used almost every time she decides I need a dose of corporal punishment.